Copy of *PRE-ORDER* Battle Spirits Saga: Verdant wings Starter Deck BSSSD05

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*Expected Release 7/28/2023*

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Experience the new color Green with a Preybirds themed Starter Deck!
Cores and a Playsheet are included, so you can jump in with just this deck!

❶ All 16 card types are starter deck exclusives!
Just like ST01 through ST04, all 16 types of cards included have brand new card text and are exclusive to this starter deck! Combine them with cards from BSS02 to construct an even stronger Preybird deck!

❷ Includes 2 X Rare Cards! (same type)
Includes 2 X Rare cards (same type) that are holo and textured – just like X Rares from booster packs!
We recommend that competitive players buy two of this deck for a full playset!

☆ Deck Cards × 50
☆ Playsheet/Rule Manual × 1
☆ Core ×30
☆ Soul Core × 1

♦ × 1 Display = × 6 Sets
♦ × 1 Case = × 8 Displays